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W.O.R.M. (Widgets, Operators, Roles and Mutators) is a mini-game editor and sandbox plugin for games running on the Goldsource engine.

Download the latest version of WORM here.

The latest public release version of WORM is 1.1.0.

Note that WORM has been tested exclusively on Sven Co-op. This is because Sven Co-op has removed the entity object limitations that Half-Life games originally had. The editor mode in WORM is functional in other Half-Life games, however, there may be edict caps and other limitations on older Half-Life games. For those games, you may use it at your own risk.

As of November 2023, Valve has updated Half-Life 1 and increased the entity limits which should make WORM's editor mode viable in it as well.


Currently the only feature exposed for public use is the mesh generator.

*Note that this site is currently under construction*

Getting Started

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